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The Bluff City Classic began in 1981 as a way to keep local NCAA/NBA prospects in tip-top shape. Now more than 30 years later, the Bluff City Classic is a 10-week series that features the legends and fresh faces who make Memphis a nationally-recognized destination for gritty basketball.

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Fan Zone
All games take place at the Southwest TN Community College gym on Tuesday thru Thursday. Arrive at 6PM for FREE entry. All games are suitable for the entire family. Security enforced.
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We have numerous customizable opportunities for local businesses to join the Bluff City Classic for great brand partnerships. Click below to learn more about what's in store for 2014.
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Talented youth around the city of Memphis are encouraged to show off your talent at the Bluff City Classic. Learn how to submit your talents for half-time entertainment consideration.
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Is your media outlet interested in covering the 2013 Bluff City Classic? Please follow the link to submit your information. All media outlets must be pre-approved before admittance.
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Playing Gritty in the Bluff City


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Last night was the opening game for the legendary Bluff City Classic and it couldn’t have been any better. The beautiful Grizz Girls and the phenomenal Grit and Grind dance squad came out and pumped up the crowd, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Now let’s talk about basketball. All I can say is that the players showed up and showed out. As soon as the game started, you could tell that they were all in it to win it.  The game was an extremely close one with neither the Magic nor the Celtics letting their opponent gain more than a 2 point lead throughout the entire game. In the second half, the Magic made sure to let us know that they refused to be defeated.  Although Celtics players Taylor, Reed, and Green (1, 5, and 20, respectively) did their best to take their team to victory, they were no match for the merciless men of the Magic. Players Crawford, Coleman, and Pelham (3, 10, and 0, respectively) were on fire the entire night, popping dunks left and right, leading their team to a 113-111 victory.


The Celtics come back to redeem themselves Thursday night against the Knicks, while the Magic return to challenge the Lakers tonight at 8pm.


(pictures c/o Sedrick Askew)

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